We are from 201!

We are from 201, we’re proud to wear the name! We are the best in the west and in the USA. Our hats our red and gold. We live the scouting code. Across the hills you’ll hear us shouting, ‘WE ARE FROM 201!’ God country is our theme. We live in high esteem. Across the hills you’ll hear us shouting, ‘WE ARE FROM 201! RAH RAH!” – The Troop 201 Scout song.

Upcoming events

In troop 201 we all love adventure. Here is a calendar of upcoming events!



We meet as a Troop once a week. Meetings are run by the Scouts. They choose and lead various topics such as fire and knife safety, first aid, knots and lashings, and cooking. We also do fun activities such as “box night”, “board game night”, and an Iron Chef style cookoff.


We go camping once a month at camping locations around Southern California. Camping locations and activities are selected by the scouts.

The Eagle Award

The highest award that can be earned in Scouts BSA is the rank of Eagle. The rank of Eagle is widely recognized across the world.

Meeting info

We meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm at:

Magnolia Park United Methodist Church
  2828 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

(enter through the parking lot in the back alley)

Coming Soon!

Information for Parents